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About Us

Rimot Support is a boutique, technology services and Support Company based in the Pacific Northwest. We change how small businesses receive and use tech support. Remotely delivered, fixed pricing, team-oriented tech smarts and a cloud-centric approach empower small businesses to maximize their resources.

Our Services

We help you run your business more efficiently through remote delivered tech support and services.

Private Help Desk

Tired waiting for the IT guy to show up? We solve issues and questions from your staff in real-time via remote-delivered support -- IM, email, phone, video chat.

Tech Fundamentals

Is your information backed up? Your documents secure? Documentation up to date? Rimot ensures you and your business integrate and execute technical best practices.

Surrogate CTO / CIO

Are you using the right hardware and software for your business? Is it integrated to avoid redundancies?  We help you plan out your technology needs. We get you where you want to go.

We support all of your devices.

Big or Small

How it Works

Learn more about the services we offer, and the devices we cover

Immediate Support

Issues, questions, advice: everyday support for you and your staff. Delivered via IM, email, phone, video chat.

Support All Your Devices

Apple, Android, Windows, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Phones: We support all your software and devices. Anywhere, anytime.

Institute Tech Practices

Documentation, e-mail, document management, networks, security, and data backup. Get organized, get smart, work smart.

Tech Wellness

We make sure your equipment behaves: Purchase support, proper set up, integration and maintenance. And of course, preventative care.

Our Pricing

Unlimited Desktop & Mobile Support - Fanatical Customer Service - Technology Planning - Tech Wellness - Quarterly Tune-ups - Purchase Assistance / Integration - Account Management


  • $75/Month
  • 1 User
  • No Additional


  • $150/Month
  • 3 Users
  • Additional @ $40


  • $100/Month
  • 3 Users
  • No Additional

All plans require yearly commitments (billed quarterly). Or pay as you go for $105 hr.


They like us. They really like us!”


Quick, easy to implement information to elevate efficiency, lower cost and integrate best practices.
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Boise’s IT guardian angel

Think of Jonathon Fishman as a hacker for good. If your small business has a computer problem or a cloud services glitch, Fishman will access your system and solve the problem from his office or couch or anywhere in the world. Read More

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Want to prevent a crisis? Document Everything! Part of the Tech Fundamentals Series.

We have all have been in the situation where we are scrambling to find a login, account number or even a phone number to call when some critical technology fails. As a business leader, you have to prioritize the culture of proper documentation. It’s about being consistent and having the tools to document. So, what […]

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